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I’m Jen, and I work with women in business, just like you, creating brilliant websites to showcase you in all your glory.  A website to attract more clients and boost your sales.

The majority of my clients have been part of the traditional 9-5 for many years, working their backsides off in the corporate world for someone else’s benefit(!)

They’re now experiencing a shift in their lives; they have discovered their passion in life, whether they’re an artist, an author, a coach or whether they’ve remained in the corporate world, but have gone solo – they are all creating thriving businesses; gorgeous businesses which they are showcasing before the world.

So, if you’re a woman with vision who knows what she wants for her online presence, we should definitely chat!



About Jen

I’m Jen, I’m a work-from-home mama with 3 amazing children; Mr JJ (15), Miss AJ (8), Mr AT (5).   Following maternity leave I discovered my passion for web design when my husband needed a website for his blossoming private surgical practice.

From there I spent many hours learning all things WordPress, how it works and how to put together a clean, uncluttered, beautiful and fully functioning website… and I can do the same for you.

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