By 2023 the number of web designers around the world is forecast to reach 27.7 million… that’s a lot of web designers! Out of those 27.7million people(!), some will be great designers, some will be not so great, and some will be untrustworthy and unreliable.


So, how do you know who to hire?

1. Organisation

I organise each client project using Trello as my project management tool. Every page, every element for your website is logged within Trello before the web build and it keeps me on track and on target with the project. every aspect of each page clarified before build. This is also where I communicate with my clients, keeping all conversations and instructions neatly contained within the confines of the project files.

This eliminates the danger of files, content and instructions from getting lost within my email inbox and keeps everything central pertaining to the project.

(Image intentionally blurred for client confidentiality)

2. Bespoke Service

All my sites are bespoke, created with your business strategy and goals in mind. I don’t use pre-made themes, and all my websites are created 100% from scratch according to your business needs.

I understand that a business like yours expects to have longevity, and if you want your clients to realise you are taking your business seriously, then you make sure that you invest in quality web development with a professional web developer.

3. Continuous Professional Development

I am renowned for keeping abreast of latest tech, trends and best practices. Web design is my passion and if I’m not designing, I’m reading about design, thinking about design or researching designs and coding.

Web design is a fast-paced, ever changing industry so it’s important to keep abreast of the latest trends, the latest technology.  I make it a priority to learn something new every single day.

4. Communication!!

I pride myself on giving the very best customer service, and an integral part of that is communication!

I aim to send at least one video to you each week with a video walkthrough of your project so far, so you can have a sneaky peek at where I’m up to and feedback is welcomed at each stage.  My clients absolutely LOVE this because they’re involved at every stage and they get to see their website evolve before their eyes!  They also value these videos because they (and their whole team!) can really get to know who I am, who is working on their project and it helps foster a great working relationship and develops trust.

Juicy little action shot of my weekly video walkthrough!

5. I’m not a yes person (sorry, not sorry!)

If you float a design idea to me which I know will detract from the business message you’re trying to convey, I’ll give it a thumbs down! As my client, you are important to me, although your business goals and the success of your website is my absolute priority.

6. Continuous Support

After site completion I don’t launch and leave… I provide my maintenance plan for free in the first 30 days post launch with weekly updates and an end of month summary of your site’s performance.

After the 30 days are over, I have a monthly maintenance plan you can sign up for £59pm taking the worry off your shoulders and freeing you up to concentrate on your zone of genius: running your business!

7. I meet (and often ahead of schedule) my deadlines.

Deadlines help you and I to collaborate toward achieving the shared goal of creating and launching your website, and to keep the often complex, multistage project on track. To set expectations. Deadlines make clear what we’re both expected to deliver and when. This means that I can take control of your website build, free of confusion and deliver on time.

8. Training.

Once your website is launched, I’ll create a whole host of videos which are stored directly in your website dashboard to teach you how to do a whole host of activities in your website.  This is particularly valuable because you can refer to them time and time again.

Got an e-commerce site? Great, I’ll create training videos showing you how to upload products, how to change the shipping options and how to process your orders on time.

Got an online course portal? No problem! I’ll create training videos showing you how to upload your courses, how to add members and even how to set up the payment schedules.

8. Hand Holding Service.

I understand working with someone new can be daunting, especially when you don’t know the process or the tools you’re going to be using. That’s why I guide you every step of the way, delivering guides on what to expect when you’re working with me. Something my clients love in particular is my content gathering guide. This will keep you on track while you collect the content that is needed for every single page. It’ll keep you on track and make the process less overwhelming.

(Image intentionally blurred for client confidentiality)

9. Honestly Solution Driven

I don’t claim to be an expert in everything 100% related to web development. It’s a fast paced environment which is CONSTANTLY changing and I work hard keeping abreast of the changes.

However, if you come to me with a problem that I’m not 100% sure how to solve, I will be honest and tell you!

In addition to this I will work hard to find a solution, and I wont stop until I have implemented that solution for you.  

There have been plenty of weird and wonderful requests from my clients over the years and I’m happy to report each and every wonderfully weird request has been successfully researched and implemented, with happy clients as a result!

10. Happy Clients!

I have been lucky to work with lots of incredible business owners in the last few years, and here are some of the kind reviews received during this time!

I’m so grateful for every client that comes my way, and I loved working with them all.

Here are some kind words I’ve received over the last few years:


10% of my profits go directly to Alzheimers Research UK.

Choosing to work with Calibrant Digital means you’re not only getting a great website, you’re also a hero contributing to the research and eradication of one of the fastest growing global health issues the world is facing today.  You can read more here

Are you finally ready to have an amazing website you can be proud of?

Don’t delay! I am ready, my notepad is open and my coffee is hot!